Private Places Standard Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. Private Places is duly authorized to conclude this short term agreement on behalf of the owner of the property and the Lessee, hereafter referred to as the parties.
  1. The owner lets and the Lessee hires the premises for the period, occupancy and rental as detailed in the master agreement and warrants that it complies with the information provided on the booking form and in the website
  1. The owner shall pay for the continuity of the services for electricity and water at the premises for the lease period, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.
  1. Neither party shall be liable to the other in respect of any loss or damage, whether to person or property caused by any defect in the premises during the currency of this agreement.
  1. The tenant shall report any damage related to the premises to the owner within 24 hours of occupation or occurrence.
  1. The rental agreement shall become null and void in the event of the premises becoming non- habitable due to destruction through disaster of any form and neither party shall have any claim for compensation against the other, unless such destruction be due to wilful default or neglect by either party.
  1. Neither the owners of the establishment nor Private Places accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to persons or property of the Lessee or the Lessee’s guests and the premises are used entirely at the occupants own risk.
  1. The tenant undertakes on expiry date of this rental agreement to restore to the owner, possession of the premises in the same order and condition as existed on occupation, reasonable wear and tear accepted
  1. Should the tenant be in breach of any of the clauses of the this agreement, the owner shall have the right to terminate the lease within 24 hours after having delivered written notice of this intention at the premises.
  1. The tenant agrees to abide by the house rules set up by the body corporate of the premises, which rules are posted inside the premises. No smoking and no pets are permitted in the premises.
  1. In the event of cancellation or shortening of the duration of stay by the tenant during the currency of a rental, Private Places will endeavour to re-let the abandoned days and will refund any rental realised less costs incurred with respect to the re-booking and preparation of the property.

Check-in and Check-out times: 

Standard check-in time is 14h00. Check-out time on the final day is 10h00, unless otherwise arranged in writing.

Payment terms:

A reservation deposit of 50% of the total rental is payable within 72 hours of the booking being confirmed to secure a reservation. The balance of the rental is payable 7 days prior to the check-in date.

Bookings less than R10 000 require full payment upfront.

If the reservation deposit is not received within 72 hours of the lessee making the reservation, Private Places reserves the right to cancel the reservation automatically.